Joe Purdy // Mary

such a beautiful song.

I’m a pixie.

Or an avatar.

Or bored.

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looking at really successful people your own age like “this could be me but i’m playin”

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no make-up vogue chillin… the irony. 

Notorious B.I.G ft. Bone Thugs N Harmony // Notorious Thugz

We just sittin’ here trying to win, try not to sin
high off weed and lot’s of gin
so much smoke need oxygen
steadily countin’ them Benjamins.

i can’t remember what was so funny.

instagram: ax_panda

Instagram: ax_panda



twilight drive 


drive into the fire

twilight drive

100 miles per hour

hope i’ll survive

road trip day. 

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drive home through rainy London

always vampy. xx

Instagram: ax_panda

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i’m just a teenage dirtbag baby